Maciek and Ania

It’s been a while since I posted last time, so I decided to upload some photos from Maciek and Ania’s wedding. I wasn’t the official photographer (I was the best men!!:), but I did take a couple of photos of them the next day. We were really rushing since I had to pack (I was leaving for London), but I think we still got some nice shots.


MDK 5276+adj+all+sepia+titles - Maciek and Ania
MDK 5052+adj - Maciek and Ania
MDK 5065+not+text - Maciek and Ania
MDK 5098+bw - Maciek and Ania
MDK 5103+no+text - Maciek and Ania
MDK 5190+adj - Maciek and Ania

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