We Won 2nd Place in the Contest for the Best Wedding Picture of 2013!

Great news today – our photo from Kristin and Jason’s wedding at the beautiful Indianwood Golf and Country Club in Lake Orion took 2nd place in the Nadine OHara Best of 2013 Wedding Contest by photo.net. Here is what the judges had to say about our photo:

Kristen Booth:
“I love the feeling of anticipation as you see the bride approaching her groom. The subjects standing out off of the horizon line, combined with the dreamy clouds, is absolutely breathtaking. Excellent execution of a special moment.”

William W:
“This image was one in which more details became apparent the more I looked into it: “their story” and “the meaning” unfolded for me. The pastels of the distant colours and the solid ground; the anticipation approaching the steadfast; the intimacy viewed from afar — all these elements and more make an extremely interesting and vibrant artist’s interpretation of “Wedding” using a moment in time of “Their Wedding.”

Below is the image. You can view more images from Kristin and Jason’s gorgeous day here: http://www.marekd.com/blog/2013/11/30/kristin-and-jasons-fall-wedding-at-indianwood-golf-and-country-club-in-orion-township-mi/.
indianwood-gold-and-country-club-lake-orion-wedding-photography-couple-fall-sunset-ceremony-michigan-top-best01And here are the screenshots from photo.net:

2nd place screenshot_cropCongrats to the 1st place winner, Gil Rosado, the 3rd place winner Michael Minnig and others who received a Honorable Mention. Check out other winning photos and more judges’ comments here: http://photo.net/2014-annual-wedding/.

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